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Free VPN & Proxy by Seed4.Me is a VPN tool designed to allow you to safely browse the internet. Thanks to its breakthrough system of 'tunnels' built to protect your information architecture while remaining user-friendly above all else. Essentially it provides you with a way to browse from within a truly anonymous and private online environment.

From its main home screen Seed4.Me VPN provides you with the option to choose exactly which countries you want to access the internet through. Thanks to this function, you can (among other things) completely bypass major regionally-restricted sites in order to access their content and gain admittance to geographically blocked online services.

All in all, Free VPN & Proxy by Seed4.Me offers a wide array of countries to connect from while maintaining its distance without being too intrusive on your privacy. Once activated, it stays minimized hidden within your task-bar or runs open within your browser tab clearly visible in your upper-right hand corner.
By Álvaro Toledo

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